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DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING, French Engineering company,  is focused on client satisfaction with the objective of delivering leading solutions in the field of industrial investments, revamping, maintenance works.

Total integrated Engineering

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING is operating on a totally integrated computerized conception platform allowing the study, realization, qualification of complex installations from concept studies to process validation.

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING is operating on AVEVA software solutions, leader in engineering technology for plant and marine industry: Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power, Pulp & Paper, Mines, Marine Construction.

DELTAEDRE has the global portfolio of engineering software AVEVA technologies.

AVEVA P&ID is an intelligent P&ID application, based on AUTOCAD. The application enables smart on-and offline database operation, with a full range of reports.

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING operates systematically AVEVA VPE P&ID with a total integration between the world of « process engineering » from one way and the world of « plant design » on the other way, guaranties of performance of our engineering solutions.

AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator
AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator is an integration application that provides data consistency between schematic diagrams and the PDMS 3D Model. It can be used to build 3D model from schematic data, or to associate an existing 3D model with a schematic, so that inconsistencies can be highlighted and corrected during design development. AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator allows qualification conception between process diagrams and 3D Model.

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING operates systematically AVEVA Integrator which allows design qualification reviews offering to clients a very high level of quality assurance with a very early detection of conception errors or omissions usually detected only at the installation qualification phase with in this case a critical impact on planning, quality and cost.

AVEVA PDMS is a data centric, multi-disciplinary design environment for the 3D modelling of process plant. It has modules for the design of equipment, piping, HVAC, structure and cable trays. Modelling is carried out using a customer-defined catalogue and specification, in a full 3D environment, with the support of tools that ensure a clash-free design. A full range of drawings, pipe and cable trays isometrics can be produced automatically from the model.

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING operates systematically AVEVA PDMS which allows the design of complex plants with the assurance of 100% clash-free design.

AVEVA Review
AVEVA Review is a powerful 3D visualisation tool for large, complex plant models. AVEVA Review offers functionalities as walk-through, animation, and high-quality photo-realistic images. AVEVA Review lets analyse designs and communicate complex ideas.

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING operates systematically AVEVA Review which offers the assurance that project design will be fully reviewed by client team in an early phase project which prevent from any corrective action after construction with a critical impact on planning, quality and cost.

AVEVA PIPE STRESS Interface, AVEVA Instrumentation, AVEVA Cable Design.
We are listening to our clients with respect to design client standards and we are able to study the implementation of complementary technologies responding to client expectations.

Following client projects or special expectations, we are able to implement complementary modules as following :

AVEVA Pipe Stress Interface which provides two-way exchange of information between PDMS and the CAESAR II pipe stress system. Piping designers and stress engineers can exchange design and stress information seamlessly, to eliminate data re-entry and duplication.

AVEVA Instrumentation which is a proven, feature-rich software suite for Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Stand-alone, or fully integrated in an AVEVA Plant environment for projects of all sizes.

AVEVA Cable Design which is an application for the design of cables, including their routing in cableways and through penetrations with outputs as routes, cable cutting lists and material take off.

We use also classical design tools based on AUTOCAD 2009 for design of special equipments as for example : vessels, heat exchangers, ...For the design of 3D complex unities and multi-disciplinary disciplines integration, we use usually AVEVA PLANT PDMS with special detailed mechanical design based on AUTOCAD 2009 3D.
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