About us

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING, French Engineering company,  is focused on client satisfaction with the objective of delivering leading solutions in the field of industrial investments, revamping, maintenance works.

Human Resources Policy

The skills development of our team is a strategic goal. We have a voluntary policy in term of training following our priorities defined by client expectations.

Each year, we realize an individual evaluation of training needs following different parameters: strategically skill axes, new needs or new expectations from our clients, factual assessment of the know-how, skills and experience of our teams.

For 2009, we have an exceptional training plan achieving 10% of our turnover.

The 2009 training plan is focused on the integration of informatics conception tools as AVEVA VPE PID®, AVEVA PLANT PDMS®, AVEVA Schematic 3D INTEGRATOR®, AVEVA REVIEW®. These tools allow DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING to perform a methodology of conception achieving a high degree of productivity with a very high level of quality assurance comparatively to mechanical classical 2D or 3D informatics graphic conception tools.

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