About us

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING, French Engineering company,  is focused on client satisfaction with the objective of delivering leading solutions in the field of industrial investments, revamping, maintenance works.

Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Industries

Our regulatory skills and our experience offer a high level of assurance that our engineering solutions will be proposed in full compliance with BPF & FDA & ICH rules.

Our high level of requirement in term of documentation and our standard operating procedures give our clients a high level of assurance in terms of technical and economical performance of our engineering solutions.

Our experience in Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Projects covers different products, synthesis ways & technologies like :

  • Anti-histaminic Chemical Synthesis
  • Anti-epileptic Chemical Synthesis
  • Continuous Enantiomeric Separation by industrial HPLC
  • Racemic resolution by crystallisation of diastereoisomers
  • Chemical synthesis of antibiotics
  • Polycyclic agents synthesis

Our experience from pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry covers pharmaceutical processes and technologies like :

  • Primary packaging of sterile antibiotics
  • Secondary packaging of sterile antibiotics
  • Coupling and formulation of vaccines
  • Secondary packaging
  • Production & distribution of clean utilities (PW, WFI,..)
  • Isolators
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