About us

DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING, French Engineering company,  is focused on client satisfaction with the objective of delivering leading solutions in the field of industrial investments, revamping, maintenance works.


DELTAEDRE ENGINEERING is aiming at excellence by following axes: Quality of solutions, Optimization of Process Solutions, high level of Safety in the conception and implementation of solutions, high level solutions with respect to Environment taking into consideration the evolution of regulatory expectations. The optimization is monitored internally by QPSEm methodology – “Quality Process Safety Environmental Minded”. This tool is a combination of proven risk and added-value analysis tools.

The “QPSEm” culture is well illustrated by our logo: a tetrahedral molecule with 4 vertexes, respectively for :

  • The White atom - the Quality,
  • The Red atom - the Process Performance,
  • The Yellow atom - the Safety
  • The Green atom - the Environment.

Our objective is to contribute to our partner’s performance as underlined in our logo by the Greek Delta Symbol with the dual concept of :

  • The increase and improvement according to the methodologies of Quality ,Safety, Environmental Management Systems searching for corrective and preventive delta improvements;
  • The 4 axes of excellence, the Greek symbol delta being synonymous of the Arab numeral 4
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